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Strategic Resources Group works with Hazelwood Street Consultants, LLC, world leaders in risk management in the handling of kidnapping and extortion. They provide services 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, responding and assisting the customer during the crisis. They give personal advice and negotiate and solve the crisis. The objective is always the safe recovery of the victim.

Hazelwood Street�s services enables us to provide our clients with an unrivalled crisis management service before, during and after an incident:


For no additional cost the Hazelwood Street�s team will provide both crisis management and personal security guidance that is tailored to each client's specific needs. These can include evacuation planning, risk mitigation measures for employees and what to do in the event of an incident.

Each client has unlimited and free telephone access to Hazelwood Street Consultants' team of experts about ANY topic regarding the safety and security of the client.

Where requested Hazelwood Street has the capability to offer on site audits, physical training and due diligence at greatly reduced or no additional cost to the client.


Response consultants will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to deal with any crisis. Their expert knowledge and advice will aid in quick decision making, facilitating the successful resolution of the incident, be it a kidnapping for ransom, extortion or other crisis. Every case will have an assigned intelligence analyst, logistical manager, seasoned rotating in-place consultant(s) and a team leader. Uniquely, each team will include a trained forensic psychiatric practice group to assist in both strategic as well as clinical issues during and after the incident.


The effects of a kidnap can be immense on a hostage leading to physical as well as mental trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can hugely impact the life of clients and the best medical and psychiatric help is essential for a full recovery. Through a close relationship with the University of Miami Jackson Memorial hospital top level medical and psychiatric help will be available to the former hostage and other affected parties. The response team is also continually trained to deal with clients in a state of trauma through ongoing research headed by team psychiatrists at Hazelwood Street.


  • Hazelwood Street maintains a training facility designed to provide clients with driving, self-defense and weapons skills. Additional advanced training is offered in surveillance and counter surveillance, protective countermeasures and survival skills.

Forensic and Clinical Neuropsychological Services

Hazelwood Street is unique in our industry in immediately activating a team of highly trained post-doctoral professionals along with other response personnel. This allows us to gain greater understanding of the victims, families, perpetrators, as well.

24/7 Non-Emergency Support

Hazelwood Street offers clients 24 hours a day / 7 days a week non-emergency support and access for:

  • Requests for information (i.e. country risk analysis prior to traveling),
  • Online security and crime prevention training,
  • Online library of white papers and newsletters, and
  • Staff is always available on a client dedicated telephone line.

Professional Analysts

Hazelwood Street maintains a staff of professional analysts developing daily reports and monthly newsletters available to our clients. Information provided is useful in developing travel and vacation schedules and making important business decisions. Clients enjoy free unlimited on-line and telephonic access to these analysts.



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