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Are you and your family prepared for the threat?

  • Every year there are over 25,000 reported cases of kidnapping worldwide.
  • The majority of kidnappings are economically motivated requiring a ransom.
  • A kidnapping can be difficult to resolve requiring great economic costs and if unprepared many times resulting in the death of the victim.

Who is vulnerable?

  • Individuals with great economic power: Businessmen, Professionals, Property Owners, and their family members.
  • High profile individuals: actors, performers, athletes, government officials and their families.
  • Expatriates that are employed by multinational firms and their families.

What can I do?

For individuals that live and work in areas with high incidences of kidnappings the risks of kidnappings are always prevalent.

There are three actions an individual or company can take to avert the risks of kidnappings:

Eliminate the risk entirely - Leave the country in question.

Assume the Risk - Take basic precautions and hope for the best

Manage the Risk - Obtain expert consulting and support to create a program to manage and minimize the risks of kidnapping and extortion


  • Reduce the risk - PREVENTION

    Strategic Resources Group offers seminars with proprietary material, help to clients in identifying vulnerable aspects of their daily routine, help in creating strategies to reduce the risk of kidnappings, and optional training of individuals, their family members and their employees.

  • Mitigate the risks: CRISIS MANAGEMENT

    Strategic Resources Group works with Hazelwood Street Consultants, LLC, world leaders in risk management (www.hazelwoodstreet.com) in the handling of kidnapping and extortion. They provide services 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, responding and assisting the customer during the crisis. They give personal advice and negotiate and solve the crisis. The objective is always the safe recovery of the victim.

  • Transference of the risk: FINANCIAL SUPPORT

    Policies are backed by leading members of Lloyd's of London having an AM Best Rating of A+ or better that reimburse expenses incurred to resolve a kidnapping or extortion, such as the following:

  • Rescue - up to the overall limit of the policy.

  • Rescue in traffic - up to the overall limit of the policy.

  • Other expenses - a complete range of "Other expenses", which include but are not limited to the travel, accommodation, medical and legal, rewards, salaries, interest on loans, increase safety, rest and recovery. Up to the overall limit of the policy.

  • Personal accident - death, dismemberment and disability as a result of an insured event. According to the contracted limit.

    100% reinsured by Lloyd’s of London



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